Charles W. Ulrick, SAMS® AMS®  | Kyle W. Ulrick, SAMS® AMS®

Services We Provide

Pre-purchase Survey

This is an inspection of the vessel’s structural integrity, stringers, bulkheads, joints tabbing, cosmetic appearance and cabin amenities and FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), using percussive testing and a GRP Model 33 Moisture Meter. Check the vessel’s AC/DC wiring, and electrical equipment for power up, the vessel’s propulsion system, rigging and sail system, running gear, water and fuel systems; also USCG and safety equipment.

Insurance Survey

Also referred to as a Condition and Value Survey, this survey is so the insurance company may determine if the vessel is an acceptable risk. The insurance company is interested in the structural integrity, the safety, the fair market and replacement values of the vessel.

Damage Survey

This type of survey is typically requested by the insurance company and/or owner to determine the nature, cause and extent of damage to the vessel.

Engine Surveys

We perform gasoline and diesel engine surveys and sublet diesel diagnostics and repairs to a qualified marine mechanic.

Appraisal Survey

General overall condition to determine market value usually for a donation or estate settlement

Engine Computer Scanning and Diagnostics

We offer computer scanning and diagnostics on most carburetor and fuel injected gas engines. This can be done at the same time as a marine survey using the Rinda Technologies TechMate Pro scanner.


Charles Ulrick has a USCG 100 ton masters license and has been delivering boats along the US East Coast via the inland water way and near coastal waters, both power and sailing vessels, since 1996.

Boat Handling Training

We provide boat handling instruction for both power and sail vessels. This includes a review of basic navigation, VHF radio operation, a review of the boats systems, on water handling and several docking maneuvers. A Three hour lesson is recommended.

Oil and Fluid Analysis

We provide oil and other fluid testing through Foley Caterpillar

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging using the Flir TG165-x thermal camera.